One to One

Employees attend a monthly one to one lifestyle coaching session led by a health and fitness professional. With a real focus on taking ownership of their own health and wellbeing, one to ones include a health screening, nutritional advice and a personalised exercise programme.

Health Screening

A healthier workforce, with less sick days…

As part of the one to one, employees receive an in depth health screening, displaying several important health measurables; weight, body fat percentage, hydration, cholesterol, blood pressure. Based upon this, recommendations can be made in terms of physical activity, nutrition, or visiting a doctor.

Exercise Plan and Group Exercise

A boost to fitness, happiness and teamwork…

Each employee receives a personal exercise programme specific to their health and fitness goals. Constructed by a fully qualified personal trainer, targets will be created for employees to hit on a monthly basis. To add to this, employees are encouraged to take part in our weekly group exercise class. Being physically fitter leads to greater happiness, reduced stress and harder work.

Nutrition Workshop

Higher energy levels, slimmer waistlines, better health…

A high impact, 30 minute ‘lunch and learn’ session, where employees can bring and eat their own lunch and learn about important topics like ‘Is sugar bad for me?’, ‘Portion control’ and ‘Importance of hydration’. Our workshops enable better decisions with food, and healthier lifestyle choices.

Monthly Team Fitness Challenge

Better teamwork, communication and happiness at work…

All Well and Good set monthly fitness challenges to your employees. Challenges such as ‘1 Million Metres’ and a virtual ‘Cycle to Paris’ gets the best out of your group. Employees work as a team to hit their goal, and the shared sense of accomplishment really boosts team morale and happiness at work.

Healthy Lifestyle Scoring

A healthier workforce

A Healthy Lifestyle Score is given to each participating employee. Employees are then given the tools and knowledge to take their health and wellbeing by the horns, and see a marked improvement by their next one to one.

Happiness at Work Scoring

A happier workforce

Every employer wants to know how happy their employees are in their job, and research tells us the more engaged and happy a workforce is, the better they perform.

Monthly reports are delivered to give the perfect insight into your workforce’s levels of health and happiness.