About Us

Workplace Wellbeing Programmes Cardiff

All Well and Good Ltd was started in Cardiff in 2015 by Joseph Stout, with the long-term goal of becoming the UK’s leading Workplace Wellbeing Company.

As a health and fitness professional, I can see the true, positive impact Workplace Wellbeing Programmes can have not only on health, but on energy levels, focus, drive and productivity too.

Having previously worked in a retail bank, call centre, and sales and service environments, I’ve seen first hand how easy it is for people to slip into bad habits with food and a lack of physical activity, let alone exercise. With poor nutrition, hours sat at a desk and a reactive ‘return-to-work’ culture in place in many UK companies, it’s no wonder the UK took 131 MILLION sick days in 2013. The worst part is, most companies aren’t doing anything to promote health and Workplace Wellbeing to its employees!

All Well and Good knows that Workplace Wellbeing Programmes create a healthy workforce. This new, healthy workforce brings with it many benefits, including, higher productivity, better engagement, higher NPS, better quality customer service, more sales and many other positive business outcomes.

The time to act is now!

What we do

All Well and Good come to your place of work and run our all-encompassing Workplace Wellbeing Programmes to create a healthier, happier and fitter workforce. We want to give you a competitive edge, engage your employees and take their performance at work to the next level.

We see employees for one-to-one healthy lifestyle coaching sessions, where we take important health readings like weight, blood pressure and body fat. Each employee gets their own bespoke exercise programme to help them towards their health and fitness goals. We run “lunch and learn” nutrition workshops, team personal training sessions and monthly fitness challenges.

To top it off, our monthly “Workforce at a Glance” report gives a perfect insight into your employees’ health and happiness at work.

Unlike other Workplace Wellbeing Programmes that focus solely on weight loss or health stats, All Well and Good take pride in delivering the total wellbeing experience.


“Really great to see staff taking on board the health advice from AWAG and utilising this within the office – Healthier and happier staff!”

Nick Proctor Managing Director, Amber Energy



“I feel so much healthier, stronger and happier. My job as principal clarinet of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales is a physically demanding one and being in great shape has improved my performances more than I could have imagined.”

Rob Plane, Principal Clarinet, BBC National Orchestra of Wales



“This last year I received an award for no sick days in a year – previously an unimaginable feat.”

Amy Stillwell, Photographer, NHS